Message Service and Kitchen Display Refresh

I am quite confused on how to setup Kitchen display listers to auto-refresh when the ticket is closed.

Does the default Close Ticket default action update the custom entity screens with the kitchen display ticket listers?

Do I have to use the Auto Refresh feature at all? This feature seems to be taxing resources and it makes everything rather unstable for me if I set it to 3 for example. If I don’t set it the Kitchen Display never shows the updated ticket or it takes very long to do so.

Do I need to have each terminal with a different Name for the refresh to happen when the ticket is closed?

Nothing seems to be working reliably for me at all. I have no firewall issues since everything is working with localhost and terminal server RDP connections. It would do the same even through normal networked terminals. My Message server seems to be working fine but the displays do not update sometimes.

No you do not need to use auto refresh it can be set at 0. Im personally not a fan of rdp but it should work fine if msg server is working properly.

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They need unique terminal names yes

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Thank you so much for the insights. It might be the unique terminal name that might be causing an issue.
I will test that and see if it solves it.

The only thing I noticed is since I am using multiple RDP sessions from the same computer, sometimes if I restart Sambapos on one of the users it would pick up the local settings from another user so it would not keep the Terminal Name I set to that Windows user account at all.

I had to use RDP because I was having an issue with my Order Ready button too :confused:

Every-time I would press Order Ready It would hang for a bit or even depress the selected item and not get rid of the order at all. If done locally it would work perfectly fine. It doesn’t seem to be a network issue as the ping and speed are OK. The behaviour is very erratic. Would adding a Constraint on Update Order Display State do any good for performance?