Metrik App Maximum Users Reached Issue


I’ve been using Metrik for SambaPOS for 2 Outlets without any issues for a couple of months. But last week, data for one of the outlets stopped showing on the app. To fix this, I tried removing the outlet from Metrik App and adding it back again. But this time an error message pops up.

"Maximum number of users is reached. You cannot add a new user. You can add new user by upgrading your package."

I bought Metrik Basic for both outlets from the community portal and was using both under one user in metrik app without any issues up until now.
The other outlet’s data is still showing up on the app.

I hope I made it clear enough. I want to access data from both outlets under one metrik user, but I unable to add the second outlet even though I have a valid Samba & Metrik license.