Metrik is currently unable to access your data

Hi team,
I purchased metrik v3 inside samba pos v5.5.4, installed and configured as directed, but still getting this error.
“Metrik is currently unable to access your data”

Did you install the Metrik installer and run generate?

Also do you have message server installed.

I think you mean Metrik v2

Hi @Jesse i have done all that.
About version, please see my screenshot.

I had the same at the beginning, but when you click on reports (the second logo) you can see al the reports and they are correct. Only the dashboard was not working.

It should install a report called Metrik it’s required.

Do not modify that report.

i have the same problem, and i did every steps of the tutorial


  1. Open c drice on pc, program file , metrik service application and rightclick on it and send its shortcut to the desktop
  2. Press windows ker +r to open run and type shell:startup
  3. Cut and paste the shortcut in the folder that opend and restart the machine.
    This will always start that service when the comp starts
    Alsk make sure you have the report named metrik and not tempered with. I mean never edit metrik report.
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I dont understend what to do

You can share your teamviewer credentials ill try and help

The latest version of Metrik has a controller that monitors if service interrupts and it keeps if started. The biggest thing is making sure your running the latest Sambapos and have installed and generated the correct reports.

This worked for me thanks man

can you help with metrik. i don’t mind helping with anydesk

Hello @thinkloud,

When you purchase a new license or extend an existing one, you need to manually handle the licensing process again by running Licensing.exe from the main folder that SambaPOS is installed in.

We connected to your system and solved the issue by applying above mentioned process.