Metrik not updating and stopped at a particular time

Please if my clients Metrik stopping updating. How do I make it to start updating again.
It has stopping today since 2pm and its stuck there since. Pls how do I troubleshoot this.

Is message server running ?

Yes it is running. I checked from services, its running fine.

Internet is fine? No firewalls?

Hey just experienced. So Metrik is not showing data. Tried to Reinstall but nothing. I was just 2 reports not working but now nothing is updating since morning (Central African Time)
Anything else I can try?

Do you have a valid license for it?

Yes, license is valid on both the Metrik and SambaPOS

Hey, anyone have challenges with the Metrik App? It’s not been giving data for almost a week now. Just stopped show data all Tabs are blank, not even past data. Checked all Services. All Licenses are Valid

Is your internet connection good on the terminal you installed the connect software on? No firewall blocking it? Did you check to make sure the management service is running?

Hey, was assisted by samba support thanks

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I am also having this issue, does someone have any solution for this?

Any solution to this??