Metrik Not updating

I noticed that once Sambapos News under Management is not browsing, Metrik will not update. And i also noticed that Internet explorer is not browsing.
Please can Sambapos be linked to Internet explorer, because anything my internet explorer is not browsing my Metrik does not update.
My google chrome is browsing but my internet explorer is not browsing. So i concluded that the Sambapos is linked to internet explorer.

Is that right?

That makes no sense. No its not linked to a browser

SambaPOS does use Internet Explorer as the internal browser.

@akinsolawole why is your Internet Explorer not working? Is it a setting in your firewall? Are you using third party firewall software? What version of Windows are you running?

However Metrik will not be related to this, I am pretty sure. But if there is something on your computer blocking internet traffic, which appears to be the case, it will block Metrik as well.

I tested it very well. anytimw when my internet explorer ceases to browse, i have a problem with Metrik updating.
So it makes sense.

I dont understand. Excuse me. Is your problem about metriK page in SambaPOS or app not updating?

@markjw Thanks for your understanding. But why will my internet Explorer stop browsing. I don’t know if its something from SambaPOS that is blocking it or my internet. Cos my google chrome is always browsing.

You have a problem on your computer, nothing to do with SambaPOS. Internet explorer does not just “stop browsing”. I recommend if you don’t know what is causing this, run a full virus / anti-malware scan, it it doesn’t find anything, consider reformatting the system and setting up fresh, because this is not normal behaviour.

Sounds like Internet outage to me

He said in a previous post that chrome worked when IE doesn’t, that’s why I thought its something messed up on his computer.

With what he has said so far it could be anything honestly. His lack of knowledge on pc’s is not helping us understand it either.

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