Microsoft Dynamic Nav Integration with sambapos

Is it possible to integrate between SambaPOS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and CRM. Does Sambapos Provides a rich Bundle of API functions that can be leveraged to integrate with any standard ERP, Includes a range of APIs to Support integration to other applications
An extensibility toolkit makes it easier to add customizations where unique functionality is required-

Has an ability to integrate with third-party Payment Processors
Consolidated, real-time view of integration status between samba POS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
View of all in-progress data transfers and transactions between samba POS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Support these integration modes
• Bi-directional
• ERP to sambaPOS
• sambaPOS to ERP
Integration Masters - Provide a full list of the masters to be integrated

Yes if Microsoft Dynamics have calling GraphQL API’s. You can call our API’s and get-post data to SambaPOS

So, in the end, was it possible?

Yes it’s possible. Do you mean did someone build it? I don’t think anyone built it.

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