Microsoft is updating notepad!

Omg I’m more excited than I was that time I went to a Brittany Spears concert back when I was in college.


No doubt thell just overcomplicate it and defeat most of what makes it handy.

Lol all kidding aside the updates are long overdue.

I bet they’ll break our demo printer.


Cue all V2, V3 and V4 users complaining… :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually rarely use demo printer, I just waste paper instead LOL. But that aside, you lose all formatting, also preview doesn’t show formatting for ESC/POS.

I looked in the past was there any free / open source “preview” or “screen” ESC/POS printer, that could be setup as a printer in Windows then display a preview of what it should print like on an ESC/POS printer. Nothing exists.

I don’t know how many people care about this (none?) but would be nice to have a ESC/POS preview that can display like the printer output, so what I mean is obey different font sizes, etc.

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Better we should name it as ESC/POS emulator as it needs to eval ESC/POS commands to be able to preview output properly. The idea of preview is helping people to test output of tags or expressions. In other words it shows how SambaPOS processes the template. Displaying how ESC/POS works is a lot of work as we don’t have a constraint on available commands and there is no ready to use preview function on OS / driver level like the windows prints.