Microsoft SQL Express 2019

Can Sambapos 5 pro work with Microsoft SQL Express 2019?

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I see no reason why it would not.

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I have a fresh installation for a client and I want to try 2019 sql Express. Just want to know if it is recommended.

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One way to find out lol

But seriously, it should work. For me, though, I’d stay away from 2019 for a bit as there are some kinks to be worked-out I’m sure (especially given MS’ QA with W10). 2017 would be a safe bet unless the client requests 2019.

Thank you. I will go with your advice. 2017 Express I have been using.

Yes it works very well.

Works well. I have 5 locations with it working.


Yes there is no problem

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already installed 2017 Express. my next client will be on 2019.

Anyone know if SQL Express 2019 gives better performance over 2017, if there are any worthwhile improvements related to SambaPOS?

Or more importantly, how well it performs on typical POS hardware - Intel Celeron J1900, 4Gb RAM, SSD. 2017 works fine of course, considering whether to start using 2019 or not bother - if it uses more resources I’d stay for now, but if same or better performance vs 2017 would be worth using for new installs.

Any real life advice would be useful, thanks!

Performance wise you will not see any difference as the limitations of 2019 express are the same as 2017 express.

I’ve used both 2019 and 2017 and personally right now, there isnt much of a difference.

See this article below which gives more indepth feature comparison between the 2.

2017 is OS backwards compatible as far as Win 8, while 2019 only works on Win 10.

There are times I still prefer to use 2014 simply because even performance wise, its still the same and its compatible from Win7 which is a bonus because sometimes when you get some second hand systems, they come with PosReady 7.

But there is a slight improvement over 2014 so overall I think sticking with 2017 is good but no harm in going 2019 for future proofing etc.

I’m rebuilding our system image for Win 10 IoT as the most recent terminals we got now have Win 10 IoT Ent 2019 LTSC, which is based on windows build 1809 (as opposed to 1607 in the previous 2016 version). So my reason for asking was because its something I likely won’t change for the new setups for a while.

I read into it a bit more after posting and decided to go with SQL Server 2019, for these couple reasons:

  • SQL Server 2017 only has mainstream support until October 2022 (extended support to October 2027) - not that long away, whereas SQL Server 2019 has mainstream support until July 2025 (extended support to August 2030)
  • SQL Server 2019 has a new feature “Intelligent Query Processing” (Intelligent query processing - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn) - doing a bit of research on it, it usually will speed up queries in 99% of times

I also checked the system requirements and compared 2017 and 2019 - both the same for the Express edition so I didn’t think there would be any decrease in performance.

Yes, I keep all my base setup databases at SQL 2014 for this specific reason


Is there any customization that should be done here once Microsoft SQL express 2019 was installed?

Thank you

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You should install SSMS

When installing sql express you only need to install the database engine. No need for the other services.

Definitely download Microsoft sql server management studio so you can manage the instance and troubleshoot issues.

I am working on a step by step video for install instructions of sql express. I will post it here when done.