Microsoft SQL Express 2019

Can Sambapos 5 pro work with Microsoft SQL Express 2019?

I see no reason why it would not.

I have a fresh installation for a client and I want to try 2019 sql Express. Just want to know if it is recommended.

One way to find out lol

But seriously, it should work. For me, though, I’d stay away from 2019 for a bit as there are some kinks to be worked-out I’m sure (especially given MS’ QA with W10). 2017 would be a safe bet unless the client requests 2019.

Thank you. I will go with your advice. 2017 Express I have been using.

Yes it works very well.

Works well. I have 5 locations with it working.


Yes there is no problem

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already installed 2017 Express. my next client will be on 2019.