Migrare sql compact v4 a sql local v5

I can migrate from sql compact, a local db?
local db creates a database file?

Copy v4 database (SambaPOS4.sdf) from C:\Users\YOurUSername\Documents\SambaPOS4 to C:\Users\YOurUSername\Documents\SambaPOS5 … you can rename the file to SambaPOS5 or you can leave it that way… let’s presume that you renamed the file to SambaPOS5.sdf

Next step is to open SambaPOS5 go to Settings>Local Settings>Database and in the data connection string write SambaPOS5.sdf

click apply and then log in back to sambapos and you should get your v4 database back

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Read Converting Compact SQL part of this tutorial. It explains how to do it for SQL Express but it is same for Local DB.


Finally I got my v4 database into v5, Thanks a lot!