Migrations to Samba POS

We are trying to migrate to Samba POS from Aura software. I was wondering if Samba POS offers some kind migration options from other application databases to ease the transitions through database migrations in the forms of tools , modules or if samba pos team has any recommendations.

Then the developers are left for small tweaks to make it running which will minimize the time from test to production
Its really great open source software but being able to tweak it and understand is really tedious task.

Can we get a paid support service to help us with the migrations from that POS if needed who should we contact ?

Sambapos 4 is not open source. Are you referring to SambaPOS3? This forum is a treasure trove of information with thousands of step by step tutorials. Try looking in the tutorials category.

There are no automated migration options from other POS software.

You can make a request for professional services in the AD forum category.

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