Minimum selected item and fix price

i am trying to set pasta with 3 topping and fix price i follow the tutorial “Using Order Tags as Product Modifiers” and as you can see in following pic every time it doesn’t show the massage for minimum topping choose warning .it does give error massage for maximum but not working for min


It wont give an error it just wont let you exit the tag screen until minimum are met or you take it off completely. Do you really want it popping up a warning every time you add a tag?

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Thanks for the reply. it is fine if it doesn’t let them to exit. but when i set it up and press settle then it will accept it and goes to main menu.

That could be a bug. So your saying if you set minimum tags and you have not selected the minimum yet but you press settle it will add what tags are selected anyway even if its not the minimum?

Yes. It is the exact thing that made me confused.