Minix Z83-4 Mini PC - Is this a suitable pc for samba pos5

What are you’re thoughts on this mini pc?

Can it handle samba pos 5?

Has anyone used one before?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Should work fine. It is more powerful than the machines I run.

Processor Intel X5-Z8300 … Good
RAM 4GB of DDR3L … Good
Network 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet … Good
Storage 32GB of eMMC (5.0) … a bit on the low side at 32GB, but maybe you can upgrade that?

The internal drive is soldered on so only way to upgrade storage is via a TF card.

What is the ideal storage size i should have?

It’s not a case of size but of speed.
In the same way you upgrade normal disc based hdd to solid state rather than size.
32gb is more than enough space for Windows and samba for a till terminal.
I used 30GB ssd all the time with no issue…
As a terminal it shouldn’t make much difference as app will go into ram.
As a server it may effect speed but we’re talking tweek speed over productivity effecting delays.
It would maybe take a little longer for samba to open but even then we’re not taking minutes but extra seconds.

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@croxtonfishbar where are you buying this from?

I bought it from amazon,

ive been playing around with it for 2 days now, and It is surprisingly good.

samba pos 5 is running fine on it, good speed, no lag.

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I am looking at the same one. Are you using that Minix as a standalone? as a server? as a terminal? in a networked environment?