Missing Item Groups on Report


I’ve used the following Group Inventory per Warehouse report and it works well except for some strange reason it doesn’t print the Items of some of the Item Groups.

The groups are “Brandy” and “Brand”. Below is print of items in the groups:

I’ve looked the records of table “[dbo].[InventoryItems]” but can’t find any difference between these items and the items in the other groups.

Any suggestions to why the report could not see these items?

This was covered recently.
Its an issue with products with ‘and’ in the group/name.

For now you will have to change report not to group but instead to put it as a column on the report and sort by it.

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Thank you, will change the Group names to exclude word or phrases with ‘and’ in as work around :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Didnt try but guess that will work, the guess is its trying to ‘parse’ the and as if it was an expression.
Also watch out for groups or products with commas, similar issue unless you define the separator of the @list

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