Missing numbers in Caller ID before dash


I have Trixes USB 56K modem that I want to use for caller ID. It seems to be set up correctly and in Putty I can see the phone number correctly.

However in SambaPOS any numbers before the dash in the caller ID is discarded.

I have played about with all the settings I can think of, including trim chars and I am having no luck.

I have attached screenshots to demonstrate the problem.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Any help would be appreciated!


Try setting Match Pattern setting as


Hi Emre,

Thank you so much for your reply back.
The Match Pattern setting seemed to have worked for mobile numbers but for land line there is a new problem. I think it may be because of the format again, there seems to be a space before the last four digits of the number. I have posted pics again of whats happening in sambapos and putty

As you can see the last 4 digits are missing from the number in sambapos.

Many thanks once again


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Yes sorted Emre,

Thank You so much

Sohaib Bismal