Missing Ticket in the Work Period report

I have experienced a unique problem that i would like to request your help in understanding; i have started a work period and made two orders under two different tickets. The first ticket is for 1150 and the second one 870, and I can see both in the Tickets window. However I can only see the 870 ticket when I open the Work Period Report…kindly help me understand this as both tickets are still open.

Can you show some screenshots.
Tickets open so can see states etc.
Work period report.

Why are the ticket numbers so far apart for consecutive tickets in same period?

Are you using preorder option on tickets for anything?

1150 and 870 is the ticket value and not the ticket numbers. At the moment I am not able to get screenshots since the system is back at the restaurant. I can see the two tickets under open tickets but in the reports the 1150 sale doesnt show