Mobile Client 3 table issues

I have a full license of SambaPOS v5 and I downloaded the mobile client v3 application.

When I select a table, I can select items from the menu and then tap on “Close” to send the order to the kitchen.
From that moment on, if I go in “tables” section on the application, I can’t see that table anymore and, furthermore, I cannot select the other tables (they are greyed out).

To fix that issue I need to restart the application, but if I select a table with an order already taken it does not show it to me, but I create a new ticket (even if another one bound to that table exists).

Since this issue is impacting my activity, I expect an answer as soon as possible

it’s stucked in that way (the table in which I sent the order was B1, which is disappeared)

Hello please email this is a community forum so you may get a slow response or none at all.