Mobile client connection problem, please try again later

i am trying to connect to my phone or tablet, its same issue since i purchased the mobile client addon, any one have any clue…thanks

You can follow this guide. 8.10. SambaPOS Mobile Client MC3 Setup – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

Please pay attention each step closely.

i am using sql server 2014, is that okay, thanks

No you must follow each step and you need to update to sql server 2016 or later to support the newer features. I recommend 2019

ok sir, i will install 2019 sql server, windows 10, 64bit, and come back…soon…thanks

It’s important you follow the guide.

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i will follow step by step…

i installed all latest, its connected but from mobile client its asking “you must be forgot update your product database…”

any idea please

it was okay, now its showing connection problem… again…i am so frustrated. In the last 2 days 11 times windows changed, still no luck

Did you press update on the app to update the database. Also what version of Sambapos are you using.

i am using sambapos 5.5.4, sql server 2019, mobile client v3

@shamial please do not create multiple posts for the same thing. Continue your discussion here and firstly have you emailed support? If so please wait for a response. If you want to wait and see if someone in the community will chime in thats fine but creating multiple posts for the same thing will not contribute to a faster response it will typically cause the opposite response from the forum.

The SambaPOS Support line is

Remember this is a community it is not a support forum we may not always monitor the community forum. Do you hav a reseller that you bought SambaPOS from? You should contact them firstly they are your first line support.

I can help you start a productive community thread.

1st. You setup Message server connection via the instructions and installed it to port 9000+ ?
2nd. You have SambaPOS 5.5.4 installed and properly licensed with a license for Mobile client activated?
3rd. You followed all the setup procedures in the guide? Can you show a screenshot of your app settings, user settings, etc?
4th. Did you provision the firewall to allow message server communication.
5th. You pressed update button on the Mobile Client to update the database and import the menu?

Please provide some screenshots to show the steps you did.

Please provide screenshots of each step so the community can understand what steps you did and maybe help spot any accidental typo’s or missed steps.

The mobile client is active project and being rapidly updated. There are a few quality of life enhancements we will continue to do to improve it however it is working well for thousands of customers. Most of them are finding it fairly simple to setup although we will continue to simplify that.

Most of the time when someone comes to the community frantic like this we find they made a simple mistake in setup or something custom in their database is interfering.

thank for your reply…i followed each step to make it more simple…everything i did, here are the screen shots…


You are missing quite a few additional steps. Specifically the settings from the app. And user/app settings in Sambapos.

Try connecting via the servers ip and not computer name

message coming “you must be forgot update your product database, please update your database”

I havent used the mobile setup yet but shouldnt the mobile client activation say YES and not NO?

That message means you have not clicked the update button to update the menu into mobile client