Mobile client helper

Hi i have purchased the mobile client done all setup as instructed. The issue i have i cant finde the “Sambapos Mobile Client Helper” can anyone help me as the Android mobile client us not working it wont connect to the server. Giving an error code 4001

This should help with the error code.

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What version of Mobile Client are you installing? As far as I know, Mobile Client Helper is a service that was integrated into Mobile Client v2

Can you share the document or link of what instructions you were following?

There is a video on youtube uploaded by sambapos. On the video the guy is talking about a SAMBAPOS MOBILE CLIENT HELPER wich has to he installed on windows. He is saying the program can be downloaded from the sambapos website. I have looked everywhere but cant find it. Ive uploaded a 2 pictures one us a screenshot of the error code. The other is a picture where you can see what programe i am talking about. Its the second line the one under the blue highlighted one.
On my computer i dont have thus program. And i think it is necessary

This is the new tutorial for v2 version of Mobile Client, there is no

Like I mentioned, Mobile Client Helper was integrated into the SambaPOS, which is called SambaPOS Messaging Server

Follow the new tutorial, it works fine.

I have follover tge instruction step by step but it is still not working. I dont know what else to do

Hello @Fikret,

In case you send Anydesk Remote Connection Program Id to email address, we can connect to your system and check the situation out.