Mobile Client integrate with NeptuneBranch

Hello Team
Can i integrate Mobbile Client with NeptuneBranch or not?

MC3 works with SambaPOS locally so yes you can use it with a Neptune Branch.

Thank you
Second i’m using sambapos v5 in local network can i transfer this data to Naptune Branch?

No Neptune branches must be created when you start using neptune. You can not upload an existing database.

With Neptune you will install an agent on each local install of SambaPOS to start using Neptune but they must be fresh new databases you will lose the data when it syncs and everything will start to come from neptune at that point instead of each local installs manage screen you will use neptunes.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 23-52-14 Sign In Neptune

display this error when i login neptune first time.

Please follow the install and setup instructions completely.

Yes dear but i don’t understand why i see this error.
can you explain please