Mobile Client MC3 - Missing settings options like Version 2

There are lot of missing settings options on the new Mobile Client MC3 compare with version 2. Is there away to set the “Menu”, “Ticket Printing” settings?

It’s done with mapping in users and departments

Is there link to documentation on how to do that? Or can you provide me the steps? I have the Mobile Client V2 installed on Android tablet and the settings I want to set are same as ones “Menu” and “Ticket Printing” in the below screen shot

User roles allows department mapping. You can assign menu to a ticket type for a department. And you can log in with a user assigned for that department.

I also see this “issue” when I was testing the V3 app.

On a typical setup, I will have departments:

Restaurant (i.e. dine in)
Takeaway (i.e. walk in takeaway orders)
Delivery / Collection

Then corresponding ticket types:


Sometimes there will be separate menus for Restaurant and Takeaway.

Users on SambaPOS typically would be able to place orders for restaurant, or also take takeaway orders, i.e. they can work with any ticket type and department.

In V2 mobile client where we used it only for waiters, it was pretty straightforward - set in the app settings

Department: Restaurant
Ticket Type: Restaurant
Menu: Restaurant Menu

Whereas now in V3 as I understand from what you’re saying @Jesse we would need to create new SambaPOS users for those who want to use the app, so we can then specify the department / ticket type / menu for that user? So in order for a staff member to use both SambaPOS and the mobile client, they may need to have 2 logins. This seems a backward step and not fully thought out.

One of the use cases for the V3 mobile client for us (and one we have been mentioning for a while to our clients) is the ability to also use mobile client for takeaway, delivery and collection orders. All the info about the V3 had said this would be possible, however I can’t see how it is right now. There is no way I can have a user for the mobile client to be able to access both Restaurant and Takeaway, therefore also being able to access different menus for each. On my setups, takeaway does not need an entity and are using Create Ticket ticket creation method, which I believe is supported in V3 mobile client, but again not being able to switch departments means I cannot have a user have access to both restaurant and takeaway.

Even if I’m able to specify department, ticket type and menu via the user, having to have potentially 3 (or 4) users per staff member just to enable them to have access to mobile client to handle all types of ticket is just not a workable solution. To clarify what I mean is, it would appear I would need to have a separate user to access each of these Department - Ticket Type scenarios:

Restaurant - Restaurant
Takeaway - Takeaway
Delivery / Collection - Delivery
Delivery / Collection - Collection

Which is nowhere near ideal and definitely not workable.


The mobile client will continue to get updates and many features in v5 will be added with future updates.

The way mobile client works is a vast improvement; however, we will still need to continue to update it which we will. We will not stop updating it.

It will work great for situations not needing to switch departments as often. We can work towards making department switching easier inside the app.

@Jesse I setup as you suggested. I can login to the mobile and see the mobile menu and put in order. However, when I login to desktop POS system with user is on different department, I don’t see the order that was put in from the mobile on the same table. Is this expected or is there away to make it work?

It is designed to work with single department that is mapped to the user. We will improve departments but this is how it works right now.

If you are open to round table brainstorming. I would suggest having the ability to assign a device to a user upon their shift start by a manager or even the employee. Something a little more straight forward on the front end of samba. Maybe using Entities for the devices.

Right now, as I see it, I see a potential problem assigning 1 devices to different users. If 2 users are working the same shift, someone has to go into the backend of Samba and assign a new device. After the shift, the device would have to reverted back to the user.

Having an front end screen, a manager could look at any terminal and assign a, available, device to an employee, and tell the employee to grab “Handheld #3”.

I saw something similar from a different POS system (I was not shopping around, just checking out the competition…well, not really competition against Samba :laughing: )

Again, just a brainstorming thought. There may be other factors I have not considered.


@markjw was this resolved. I am using the MC3 for the first time and my client wont accept 2 user account scenario

Jerry we have not changed now mc3 works.

Hi Jesse, thank you. I was able to use the tablets for all users.

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