Mobile client not printing to Kitchen and bar printer

I Have been able to setup mobile client successful, following the kb link 8.1. Android Mobile Client V2 Kurulum – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

The issues now is when order is made from tables it does not print to kitchen printer and bar printer.

Note: Kitchen and bar printer is network printer.
\SERVER-PC\kitchen printer. Etc.

Orders from other terminals prints to kitchen and bar, except tables. My prints template is ok.

Tablet spec:
Device name: HUAWEI MatePad T
Model: AGR-L09
EMUI Version: 10.1.0
Android: 10
RAM: 2.0GB
Processor: HUAWEI Kirin 710A

Is it an actual Ethernet printer? Or is it a shared network USB?

You have to have an Ethernet printer and it needs to be installed directly to the server that message server is on. It can not be a shared USB connected printer and it cant be a share created in windows.

do you hava a jpg or png on your template?

It is Ethernet printer. Not USB. And it is installed on the server.

No. I’m not using image in printer output

You said a share name. It should be just printer name.

I don’t understand. I change printer from shared to printer name?

I have done this.


Still not printer

No you should be able to just Select the printer if you installed it to windows. YOu should not have to type anything.

It would be a dropdown like this:


Also make sure you have 64bit Message server installed if you are using HTML Printers.

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Exactly what I did. I’m surprised it not printing. It is strange to me.