Mobile Client PDA user

Ok I am about to venture into using a tablet and the mobile client.
I have followed all the instructions and I have a question about the user.
It seems that it is to be setup one way, with the user being PDA and those numbers they give in the instructions.

Does it have to be this way to work? What about user sign ons?

When it comes to sales reports at the end of a shift, and we print them, it will show sales for PDA I guess.
What would the case be if there were multiple tablets in use?

I may have missed something or be over thinking.

The PDA configuration is for the mobile app to connect to SambaPOS and move data back and forth. User login is still authenticated against the SambaPOS user list.

Reports will still reflect the same regardless if the order is placed using the SambaPOS desktop app or the mobile app.

Multiple tablets with mobile app should pose no problem providing they’re properly licensed.

Ah ok. I have not fully tested it yet. I have been logging in as the pda user and have not even tried to use another account. Thanks.

I am now onsite and messing with this. After saving settings and updating the app, I get “license count exceeded” when I try and log in.

I have gone to the online control panel and cleared my keys, then re logged in and activated my license, and still same thing.

Any ideas?