Mobile client Print Bill?

Hi Guys,

Just moved on from the GO tablet to the new Mobile Client,
Under the Print Bill button,
If the button is pressed, on the all table screen the table do change colour as if it was pressed on a terminal,
but no tickets being printed?

Have I missed anything or if this function means something I misunderstood?

Also what do these other functions mean?

Is your printer configured via USB or network?

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Mobile v2 client will only work with ethernet printers. Also hang in there because mobile client is all changing with v3 and its very very soon.

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What news will the v3 app bring?

Just have to wait and see but here is a peak.

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I would like to ask and if it is in your possibility to advance a little of the functions.

1.- In the app, can the orders be divided by dish?
For example Ticket
2 roast beef tacos
2 Tacos al pastor

2 udder blocks
2 roast beef tacos

Using the divider, you help the kitchen know what each dish is carrying for each diner.

2.- Will it be possible to look for clients for home orders?

No please refrain for now of asking advanced features. We will update it constantly.

That isn’t really posible in normal samba though. Allelse aside beef would get merged on close. Without convoluted adaption. Dashes like that are pretty old fashioned.
You should look at the course setups and adapt to your need. We use grouping onscreen and in prints based on course and have seen people adapt that similar method to a by seat grouping before.

We will try and solve all use cases that we see need solved but these things take lots of study and we will start more basic and expand on it over the course of next few years

Yes I understand, thank you very much for sharing.

I think you will really like it.

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Mobile app shouldn’t be a way to get brand new core features only with mobile app anyway. Something core like an adaption of that kind should be overall.
I beleive the main aim is for mobile app to become more fully featured to match the normal app.
Sure Jessie will confirm.

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Think of it as building a whole new sambapos that also needs to work with the current one. But it’s powered and build from a new framework. We will have way more features eventually but it will take some evolving time.

Yes first we need to make it support v5 features. Then we can evolve it beyond that.

Everyone here knows how complex sambapos can get. And add in the infinite configurations we can’t predict people will do. It’s a big task to build that into the new platform. But we will and should support all needs eventually. We need to start with basics first.

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Good news is it will be way more useful than v2 and will be much easier to deploy without all the annoying glitches. And we will have it ready for that very soon.

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Right out of the box some things it will support is more fluid full sambapos like experience, Prefixes are supported, all the order tags, Payments, many automations, Ability to use it as quick service without tables.

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