Mobile Client printing issue

Hi All, i am not sure if some one experience with this issue, i am using sambapos lastest version (Activated license version) and i have one mobile client application (License version too) - both are activated and working fine for order, but for mobile device when we close ticket normally should print orders but, it is not - printing is fine if use computer, also when i click print bill button on mobile client there is nothing print, - can any one please advice ?

Printer can not be shared on another computer. It needs to be a networked printer.

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Let me rephrase. It can be a shared printer but it needs to be on the same server that the message server is on.

It works best if it’s an ip printer and it’s configured in the server.

Thanks and appreciated for your quick reply Jesse, i feel confuse little bit about “SERVER” Server here is mean only OS “Windows server only” or SERVER here meaning for the “OS that has database with / the one that client is mapped to”.
Yes i am using usb printer and IP printer - Yep as you said it best for IP printer i have test for IP printer and it fine but still strange that it was working a fews days ago event USB printer (i am not sure because of changing PC is issue, USB Printer was working for android device when i use PC OS “Windows” server after that i changed to use PC OS “Windows 10” then it does not work)

For usb printer is connect with SERVER directly it is not sharing from other PC

The machine that message server is running on is the machine that needs the printer configured on. It will only print from that printer

I see and yes that is correct with what i set, is there a way make it works for USB Printer then

I thinks seems to have a solution for that as it was working before

If the USB printer is hooked to the computer message server is on then yes. If it’s shared from a different one then no

Yes my case: hooked to the computer message server but, not work - any informations you need more from me please rest

Show the printer setup in Sambapos from the computer message server was installed in

You need the 64bit version of message server to use html printer via mobile app. Be sure you installed the 64bit version.

how can i check if i using 64bit of message server ? and if i not using 64bit how can i change that ?

Open the 32bit tool and uninstall the service then open the 64bit tool and install it.

I think one more change is required, you need to change Printer Type from HTML to ESC/POS Emulated

Here is a screenshot for you…



No he can use html with the 64bit message server.

Thank you all, Yep as Jesse said uninstalled 32bit messagetool and use only 64bit the it works,
@somilmittal sorry i need HTML for my print template

Also please if i am not wrong, Message server no need to be same pc with pc that providing database server ?, now i set different pc for messageserver and database server and not experience issue yet
Should this working fine right ?

You only need to install message server on the machine with the database. Not on all terminals. They just connect to the one.

I guess you don’t have too but I recommend. It.

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