Mobile Client Purchase

is the mobile client is available for purchase??? r still in beta stage???
if not available now when it will be available???

Go to to purchase mobile client.

Go here to learn how to use it.

To use mobile client is internet is mandatory???r just local wifi network is enough???

Also if i want to hav multiple mobile clients using same database do i need to buy multiple mobile client licence???

It explains all of that in the wiki… however no you only need network access to the SQL Server. If you have multiple clients you need a license for each device.

Can we use all the features of samba pos v5 pro using Android mobile client??? If not what are the features we can use in mobile client???

No it is not a full featured sambapos implementation. It is primarily just for taking orders. It will not do payments or anything beyond selecting tables and adding items to ticket. It has a few ticket functions like ticket notes and merging or changing tables.

i have a question… if have 5 clients android need pay 5 licences or just 1 to all clients in my wifi?

you need 5 license for 5 devices

for licencing you must connect your device to internet. after getting licence you will work in local wifi network