Mobile client slow update

the mobile client takes really long to update, 5 minutes. Why?

Update what? Be more specific.

when I press update on the tablet, it takes more than 5 minutes

That is to refresh message server if you made changes to menu. It is probably taking a long time because it looks like you have not connected it to your database, it is in demo mode so it is probably not doing anything.

Software updates come from the Playstore not from inside the app.

no, I have configured everything, load my menu but it takes a long time, even when I open a table takes time

That is probably because your network or server is slow. It is instant on my client. What kind of tablet? can you show a sample of how slow?

as a server I have an i5, the tablet is a nexus 7 2013.
the menu update takes more than 5 minutes,
the opening of the table is sometimes instantaneous sometimes takes a while.

It’s hard to say. Do you have a large menu?

no, 150, 200 products

i used to have same issue when my router is oversaturated by to many connected devices or when the signal isn’t strong enough. i did a quick fix by turning off and on the wifi of my device but to avoid this of ever happening its best to buy a cheap router just to only connect your work devices with.

now it has always been me, “message serve connection error”
I’m wrong, it seems I did not change anything