Mobile Client v2 (order tags vertical/horizontal)

Hi, I have a question if you can solve it for me.

I have configured a restaurant with sambapos and 2 mobile client, everything works correctly; but in the mobile client when I select ordertags it goes horizontal and I have to scroll to see all the orderstag.

I realized when I installed it in my personal cell phone and I used the mobile test client, the order forms come up vertically and you do not have to scroll.

Does anyone know how to make it vertical?

Thank you

Sorry, in the last version of Mobile client is in vertical :sweat_smile:


In all releases you can use both horizontal and vertical :slight_smile:

Hello, my problem was that only the ordertags came out horizontally, but when I updated the android application it was already vertical, but I do not know where to change from vertical to horizontal.

Can you help me??,

I also have another problem, which I can not get out on the mobile client to put Freetag.

I can not find much information about mobile client configuration

Thank you

OrderTag screen changed and in last versions you saw that. But i dont understand your problem. Can you take screenshots?
If you open Freetag ticket tag in SambaPOS and update from Mobile Client you can see freetag screen.

Hi, then I’m going to put the screenshots of the configuration and what comes out in the mobile client; I’m probably doing it wrong, but I do not know where I’m making the mistake.
The program is in Spanish, I hope you have no problems.

Thank you

From your screenshot, it would appear in Android mobile client the order tags scroll vertically.

This would seem to me as the most logical way to scroll.

Why is this a problem? Is it because you want to fit all order tags on one screen without scrolling?

In the previous messages I already said that it had been fixed with the last update.

The problem of which I speak is that I do not appear to put freetag, when I have it checked to come out.

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Please open a tag with a name (Freetag). After this you can see.

Good afternoon, I was wrong, when I created freetag, I did it in Spanish (etiqueta libre).

Thank you very much, I had not read the freetag in the manual.

Well, I only need one thing to put in the mobile client.

But I will open another post in the forum.

Thank you very much