Mobile POS and Tablet questions for TOGO Orders

Ok its been a while since I posted on this subject, but I finally got to the restaruant and played with the tablet.

PREFACE: We just want a tablet to enter TO GO orders in the rush we are in these days.

The tablet worked and printed to the proper printers just fine, but there were a few things I wanted to ask.

On the Computer Stations we are able to assign a name or phone number to a to-go order. It prompts us.
The tablet doesnt do this.
Is there a way for this to happen?

When I did a test to-go order on the tablet.
I noticed that it just went away, it printed the tickets in the kitchen, but at the computer station I didnt see it.
On the tablet I have one ToGo table/button and it turned red. How can I take many to-go orders on this tablet and they show up on the computer stations?
They are only going to be paid for at the computer stations.

Should I make a lot of TO GO tables and label them TO GO 1 TO GO 2 and so on?