Modifiers to print on customer receipt? HELP

A lot of drinks and food on our till have modifier/order tag options.
These show up as a total price but do not show invidiual items prices. How do I make each price come up onto the customers receipt? I have attached a photo of how current customer receipts are printing, and what the template looks like currently.

That’s the wrong template… That’s for account transactions.

It’s just the template that was on it when I got hold of the system.
Can you point me in the right direction for the template to hand to customers then?

There should be other templates… That isn’t the template for that pint.

I found the correct template,

can you help me now?

We can’t see the format for { ORDER TAGS } it’s right at the bottom of your image and that’s were the settings are for what pronts

You hvae your order tags set to include in order price but your order line on template is using actual product price, you need to change it to {TOTAL AMOUNT} rather than total price.

Thank you so much

Is it possible for it to show the modifiers names on the receipt?
Under gin it would specify deluxe and 125ml tonic? Which are used as order tags on the system


If you look at your gift order format below that that is how you want order tags to be.
You might need to tweek the order tag format if your using invlude in order price - cant remember default template.

this is what it’s like below the gift section…

See the pluf {ORDER TAGS} on the gift orders section, add the same {ORDER TAGS} on a new line under the line on [ORDERS] section you just updated.

Thank you for all your help, really appreciate it