Modify Order on System

At the moment, when a ticket is modified, the system will print a new ticket.
I’d like to configure it so that it prints an updated ticket with all the orders on.

The kitchen want to see all the items for an order rather than individual tickets in the event an order has additional items added.

I slightly modified your question. You called a ticket an order so I clarified it slightly. This can be controlled with the Execute Print Job action and the Order States. If you want it to print EVERY item every time then you should set it to Print Submitted orders by default it only prints orders marked as New.

Modify your Execute Print Job action for Kitchen orders so it prints Orders with Submitted state instead of New

Many thanks for getting back to me. I thought it must be possible!

I’ve found the option you mentioned.
When I change it to submitted, it now only prints the items already in the order but doesn’t add on the new items. It only prints everything if I select ‘Reprint Kitchen’.

Remove the state completely then. It is skipping them because they are in state New

Thanks, I’ve tried deleting the status to blank but now nothing is printed.
Have I removed it from the wrong place?

Possibly please put it back. I will provide some screenshots for you

Try setting this action like shown.

If it does not work for you correctly set it back to this for now.

After you change that action you must go to the rule it is in and remove the action, save it… then add the action back to the rule and save it again or it will not reflect the change.

Thanks, I’m just working through all the rules to see which one is using it.