Monitor how many times a command is executed

I was wondering if any of you have made this or have ideas about it.

Lets say I want to monitor how many times an employee opens a drawer by clicking “Open Drawer” automation command, I know there are other ways to limit this by using Users Permission and more, but lets say I want it that way.

How would you do it?

I created a Ticket Tag system for it, so that every time its clicked it’ll ADD +1 to the counter, but then I realized, if you dont actually create a ticket the tag will not be saved. :confused:

Anyone done something similar before? Have tips for me?

Use Update Program Setting action and make it add a counter to it. You can use variable for name and insert the variable for the Autonation command name. Insert this action into each Command Button Executed rule. This will create a setting with the name of the command used and it will increment each time pressed.

You can view these in custom reports with {SETTING:X} tag.


Here is my example:

Update Program Setting Action

My Open Drawer Automation Command

My Open Drawer Rule

My Report Tag to View the Counter

Open Drawer Count|[=F(TN('{SETTING:Open Drawer}'),'0')]

My Report Showing the Counter

My Flow
Press open drawer button

Press OK to confirm drawer is closed

Counter has now increased from 5 in previous screenshot to 6