Monthly Invoicing of charges and membership tracking

Good Day all,

I have a question that is a couple of layers. We are working on a solution for a client that has a system where they bill their members monthly, so they do not accept cash at their POS. Does SambaPOS have that kind of ability?

Also, would they be able to setup online payments? Say email their invoices to pay them through some sort of portal? Or even view their history?

Lastly, kind of grasping here but a side related question. Would Samba be able to track membership? The POS part I’m mostly familiar with to place orders for the kitchen. Wondering if there is a way to setup some fields or a specific user menu that tracks a member check-in onsite and/or if they have guests as they have a sperate charge for when they bring guests.

Thanks in advance.

In theory yes to most.
Accounts for entities/member card or whatever you use/call it.
Invoicing is a bit basic, as its accounts its not like on massive ticket but a statement of account showing tickets as lines/transactions.
Automated emails should be possible with some fiddling.
Tracking membership is possible, you can have a date as a custom entity field and create automation using that.
Checkin/Out on site would be possible, tasks could be used as a log or could just report on days where then charges to account using reports.
All is posible but wont find a prebuilt solution so will need some reasonable time/input to achieve.

ok, cool. I figured it would take some effort to put together. Didn’t think it would be out of the box. Just didn’t want to put the time and effort in to come across any roadblocks during devalopment.

Also, I did find some posts with others attempting a user portal for thier customers/members. Also would need some tweaking.

The API is pretty extensive and with knowledge pulling data direct via sql also possible but that side of things would count as a pretty advance setup.
There aren’t many things that you cant do with samba and experience if you accept that some things may need a little adaption or work arround but if you compare between a completely hard coded POS and something custom built samba falls a dam sight closer to custom built on the scale.