Monthly members need to track and set coupon validity

I want to implement the system in canteen, I need the function membership card and set validity to the card (Eg:35 days) and track the card daily and also 48 hours before alert required for the cashier to inform customer for the renewal. Thats all i need
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The validity/expirary date would be set as a custom entity field for the card entity type.
Then as part of the selecting entity (guessing using MSR or barcode via numberpad <-- see my loyalty video for details on option for using card to select entity) you would want to check against this date.
Reporting wise you would then report against this entity type.

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Hello @Arul
Are you already solved this issues ?
Please give me some instructions about monthly-members-need-to-track-and-set-coupon-validity, i want the options the same you had mention above!


Hello @JTRTech.
May you give this link which you had already done (work)!

I only did basic loyalty, no date validation.
Search forum for ‘HD voiceiver’ and you find several of my video tutorials.