Monthly Report Error


{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,([T.PlainSum]+[C.CalculationAmount]).Sum,([CA.Discount.Sum]+[CA.Amount Discount.Sum]+[CA.Round.Sum]),[T.PlainSum.Sum]+[CA.Amount Discount.Sum]+[CA.Discount.Sum]+[CA.Round.Sum]}|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.TotalPrice.Sum:(OS.GStatus=Gift)}

>Total|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:([T.PlainSum]+[C.CalculationAmount]).Sum,([CA.Discount.Sum]+[CA.Amount Discount.Sum]+[CA.Round.Sum]),[T.PlainSum.Sum]+[CA.Amount Discount.Sum]+[CA.Discount.Sum]}|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.TotalPrice.Sum:(OS.GStatus=Gift)}

Per Day Gift Report is not working can someone please help me
Working perfect on total but not per day
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.TotalPrice.Sum:(OS.GStatus=Gift)}

Thank You

In some cases, multiple reports on the same line will not run reports beyond the first report. The second report on the first line is working (you can test this by putting that report on it’s own line). It looks like the second report line (the Total line) is working.

Maybe someone from the forum can explain the condition(s) to have multiple reports ran on a single line.

I beleive to work on same line you need to be using a @list and $1 constraint. Else what would keep the lines in sync?
Looking at that you order details is only going to be a 1 line report.
It has no reference to date.
For your example you would want to report a list of dates and have inclide reports with the same date=$× type constraint

I don’t think that is it. Here is Hassan_Ali’s report I copied and pasted:

The first line doesn’t show the 2nd report.
Then Second line does show the report (same Order report)

Hmmm…This is weird. If I make the first line bold (>), then it runs the report.

Both lines do not use a parameter.

When we discussed reports a few days ago, later, I played around with sample you posted. The group of reports did run, however when I tried to pull out a line of 2 reports, it wouldn’t run the 2nd report. I’m not sure how/why reports behave the way it does. Not sure if it’s by design or a bug.

The total line isn’t returning multiple lines like the first one is.
You have a clash of outputs.
You could try including T.Date in the seccond expresson on first line and only show the one column, not sure if that would work, but $ as date should.

I did a little more testing. It seems any character, even a space, in front the first report will allow the second report (or more reports to run) on the same line.

In the above report, the bottom report, when the bold character is removed the second report does not run.

@Jesse do you know if this is a designed behavior?