More customer infos on Tickets Window

Hello dear community

It is possible to show more customers infos in Tickets Window?
We see actually ticket number, date, phone number of customers etc…
I need to see name and adresse too.


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Thank you very much for your Answer.

In Customers Entity i have following Setting, customers infos are displayed correctly. Phone is defined as Primary Field Name.

I need add some more infos in Ticket Window. I see actually only Phone Number. If you enter in Ticket main Menu:


That is not tickets window that is ticket Explorer. You won’t be able to do that. It only shows the primary there.

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You can change your primary however if you have a large existing customer list its a ball ake as your just changing the field name - ie if you changed to name the phone numbers would show as the name, you have to move the actual data of the fields into the new phone custom field and name into the primary field now called name.
If you run customer accounts make fure the acount name template corecctly reflects the updated fields and that works.