More Information on States

So I have been following “States” through with reference to this post:

The question I have is on installation my default States are as follows:

@emre article refers to a number of “Ticket States” as follows:
Default States

On first installation we crate some states by default.
•Entity States (Tables, Customers)◦State Name : Status◾New Orders
:black_medium_small_square:Bill Requested

•Ticket States ◦State Name : Status◾New
:black_medium_small_square:New Orders

•Order States ◦State Name : Status◾New

◦State Name : GStatus◾Gift

I can see the reference to Ticket States in “New Ticket Creating Rule” or “New Order Adding Rule” but I have no definitions for Ticket States such as “New Orders” or “New”.

THEREFORE: Can someone please confirm:
Definitions as my pic above are used to apply colour states and other bits of data such as display format, show on… and are not mandatory.

Correct they are not needed unless color or specific visible reasons. Many states are defined in rules only.