Move button not working - any ideas?


For some reason my move orders button is not working. It looks like it is a very simple setup…


The button is mapped to ‘payment’.
When I select an order/item from the payment page and then select ‘move’ - nothing happens. It doesn’t crash or produce an error in the log file. Here is the debugger output:


It looks to me like the action is being fired but nothing happens.
Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Or suggest another way to debug? Thanks!


Your moving from the settle screen is that correct?
Does the ticket have an entity selected?


Yes - at the settle screen.

Yes - I have a table entity selected.


Not sure of top of my head, never tried move from settle screen.
If you add that same command mapping for ticket does it work on ticket screen for same ticket it didnt on settle.


Do you have any ticket calculations?


I can’t get it to work on the ticket screen (order line) either. I thought it was supposed to help with splitting payments. So you could move 1 item to a new ticket and pay for it separately (and get a separate receipt). So it makes sense to me to be on the settle screen?



This is a ticket which has been closed, they are not new orders are they?


I have some discount calculations eg



Hmm I need to test on default database but it is not working on mine either.


My move works from order mapping, even with calculations.


Mine not working wherever I put it. Makes me think I’ve done something else to mess it up. Can you suggest another way to debug?