Move my Sambapos From my Old Computer to a New Computer

Move my Sambapos From my Old Computer to a New Computer Without Losing Any Data.

I currently have two sambapos installled on my old PC that i want migrate to a new PC with

the latest upgrade. How do i successfully do this without losing any data.

backup and restore…

do a backup with sambapos and then in the new machine a retore…

safest way…


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If your connected to a database in SQL, then using sql management studio, find your database, right click and go to tasks, then click backup…
Select backup to file.
Choose destination to save it to.
On new PC, install SQL and management studio.
Copy your database file to a flash drive or hard drive, then put it in a new folder in local c drive.(make a new folder and put backup file in there)
In SQL management studio, go to databases and right click on it.
Click restore database.
Then go from file, and go to where you stored your database.
Select your database.
Then once successfully found and selected, it should tell you ready to restore.
Click restore.

If successful, then you will find your database name under databases.

From there just install samba and connect to tour database…

Otherwise if you don’t gave SQL database then let us know for a different method

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even if you are using different DB, the simplest way is to do a backup with samba, locate that file and then do a restore within samba…

I did that yesterday between a machina with SQL SERVER and a machine with plain samba, version 5.1.61


Fantastic Answer Shivan, i will work on it immediately

Tried Using Your method but i keep getting an error.

Please what do you think, am doing wrong

It helps if you tell us the error. We really have no idea what your doing wrong.

This is the picture of the Error

If you read the error its self explanatory. Access is denied. Put the backup in a folder that SambaPOS has permission to or give it permission to your User dir.

PS: I prefer removable media for my backups. I bought a 3TB removable harddrive for $80.


The Backup was successful after backing it up on Flash Drive, Thanks

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