Move Order Lines

It would be great if it was possible for us to sort items on the pos screen. ie. Drag the order to the required line.
The scenario where I see this as useful is when order separators are used.
I have 2 groups or courses, whatever the case may be.
I go down through the orders and then someone wants to add something (item 3) to group 1. There is no way to do this.

These separators are manually typed in unique descriptions and an item needs to be able to be used under more than 1 group so the Grouping feature wont work for me.

I have tried defining a key for the separator but when I do nothing happens.

The ability to drag the orders up or down would be a great solution for this.

You know I was just thinking something similar. Been able to move orders up and down would be neat as it can also mean when kitchen order is printed, it can be printed in the same order that it was arranged to

We have “Update Order Separator” action to move items.

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I have tried entering a key but when I do nothing happens.

Is there an information on how this works?

Or even the expected flow for moving an item? Do we add a new order separator with the same key as Group 1 for eg and any items under this will be moved up?

I have been playing with this, but all I can get the “Update Order Separator” action to do is to update the Order separator ie, change the description (which makes sense) but I cannot make it move items under the specified order separator.

For testing, when an order separator is added I have a pop up message showing the key. (I tried manually entering the key for simplicity but when I do this no order separator gets added)

Then I have the update order separator rule mapped to the orderline so when Item is selected, I hit update order separator and manually type in the key.

I’m not sure if this is the workflow that this was designed for.

@silentbob I think I understand your intention however unfortunately neither features (order grouping or order separators) will allow you to re-group / re-order order lines in a ticket to track something like sub-tickets in a ticket. Primary grouping for order lines is order number and default sort order within order number is order time. It might be possible to re-order lines under a group for new added orders but you can’t override primary order number grouping. This is not something I’m planning to change soon as it probably leads to order insertion in the middle (invisible part) of a long ticket and how we currently display new added orders will needs to be redesign accordingly.

However we allow creating multiple tickets for a table. Maybe you should focus on that.

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Ok thanks for clarifying that. From your previous reply I thought it could be done, I just could not figure it out.

Yes I would basically like the ability to reopen a ticket and add an item below or above an existing item like you can do in most invoicing packages, or excel. It is not a massive issue, it just would be nice to have this for readability for the customer.

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Sorry I thought you want to move order separator.

How can I move the order separator?

You can remove current separator (by using {SEPARATOR KEY} tag) and add new one to the new location. However I don’t think that will be useful for you.

We have “Update Order Group”, “Update Order Separator” and “Update Ticket Separator” which give pretty much the same results but “Update Order Group” has best looking.

Should we need all those 3 or just consolidate and improve only one?

Update order group primarily implemented to group order lines in a combo. That originally developed as a solution for @Hasa two egg product related requests but he found a better way to implement that.

Add order separator adds a separator between order lines. That primarily implemented to print notes for a group of orders on kitchen printer.

As far as I know @RickH using order grouping for grouping age check drinks. @Jesse also planning to use it for combos.

I never saw someone uses order separators. Maybe we should just remove that.

Maybe just have printer tag for Update Order Group and remove Order Separator. I also use it for take order by seat but issue is order not merge :frowning: in kitchen ticket.

Yep i use order grouping to group age restricted items but never had use for the separator and never used it :grinning: