Move ticket from table to bar (Customer)

Oke, Here is my next issue:

This is a pool/Dart cafe, and people can rent a pool table per hour.

So i made a timed product. Now I made 3 Pooltables in the Table-Entity screen.

They can make a reservation for the pool, or when available play right away. So i give them a table, and select the customer account to the table.

When They are done playing, they return the balls, and I stop the timer. Then the table must come available ant the ticket has to switch to customer. Tryed to update the table entity status to “Available”, but then my ticket disapear.

Any Idea how I can fix this issue?

Also when I klik on a pooltable to start a ticket, it won’t go Yellow, it stays white (Unoccupied)
When I switch tables, it goes yellow…:astonished:

Here is the database so far… (138.3 KB)