Moving Balance to same Account Type

Hi guys,

Ive been looking into a way of moving the balance from one account to another. However these accounts are the same Account Type.

By Default you cant create a transaction type that can have same Source and Target account type.

I was thinking something like:

Customer Acc (Source) > Transfer Acc (Target)
Transfer Acc (Source) > Customer Account (Target)

Has anyone tinkered with it? Should I try doing it with [?Prompt] and list the accounts followed by Create Account Transaction Document actions?

Maybe account mappings?

Any ideas are appreciated!

So… Ive been working on this and so far I had - some - progress.

This is kind of how it “works”. What you can see here is balance being moved from an account 408 but doesnt land to 101. Technically it does but it created two transactions. One debit and one credit.

I also seen somewhere on the forum long time ago that I can create a drop down menu within the [?Prompt], I want to list all the accounts that are already there. I cant find the post about it and I cant remember how to do it.

Basically what doesn’t work is that somewhere within that automation it doesnt specify source account even the Transaction Type by default does.

  1. Transaction Type

  2. Document Type

  3. Transaction Type

  4. Document Type

Now here are the actions.

Basically this one is supposed to clear the balance of the selected account and transfer it to Transfer Account

This one is used with prompt to enter all these details, I am sure I am missing something here or havent thought it through since I just hastily made these.

And finally, the rule.
Dont mind the name, I just cloned it and forgot to rename it.

Can someone shed some light on what am I missing, please?

Here is the Import File. (It contains account type, account, transaction types, document types, actions, rules and button)

---- This is not a working prototype ----

Move Balance from Customer to (1.4 KB)

Found how to do drop downs lol :sweat_smile:

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So just wanted to throw this out there. Receivables account is used when transferring from one account to another. It goes in then out of receivables so it’s balance is always 0. Have you thought of moving it to receivables and then to the account you want?

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Or having a separate control/transfers account.

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I am guessing I can use Receivables account. Still though, I am not sure what I am doing wrong and why it never uses Transfer account as source.

Yeah that was the initial idea so I put it on a report without having all the other stuff shown there.

@Jesse could you give me a little insight? I cant figure out why it never states Source Account under Transactions.

I am not sure what you mean. Can you show a screenshot of what you mean by that?

Ok I read through all of that. You wont be able to do what you want with that method. You will need to basically make a payment to one account when you do the transfer. Its not designed to work with Source account like it does target account where it prompts.

You will probably need to do a negative payment to one and then positive payment to the other.

Damn it… I thought of something else too. Ill give it a try when I get back.

I am guessing another way would be to reopen the tickets and make a payment to another customer account.

I am just looking for a way so staff friendly and they dont have to think about it.