Moving sql server to another machine

I want to move the sql server to a new pc.
I just made a fresh Sambapos 4 instalation into the new pc.
I have de DB backup and i downloaded the Express SQL.
Wich is the best procedure to setup the system in the new machine?

Just setup sql on new machine, install samba and link to sql in usual way then restore the backup.

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Just a side note before you do that…

Make sure you upgrade the database on the current machine first… If database versions differ the backup wont work

yes it has happenned
but how do i upgrade the database?

I usually install the same version of sql on any different system that i’m moving a database over, so it removes the issue of database version error.

Also be sure you’re using the same samba version too. If your database has older samba version and your new one is using latest samba, it will have version error also.

if you want to use latest one, update on older system, so sql updates the db also. from there then take the db into the new system and that should work.

Just download the server you want and choose update as apposed to install new