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I’m new to SambaPOS and this software seems very nice.
I’m trying to implement it for one Restaurant-Fast food, I’ve started to create two department “Restaurant” and “Take Away”, with the last one in fast food mode… (Ticket Creation Method: Create Ticket).

What I would like, is if the waiter start to take order in this department and finally the customer want to sit, how can I move the ticket from “Take Away” to “Restaurant”.
Same as opposite “Restaurant” to “Take Away”

I’m trying to use department, cause I started to use Ticket Type and for calculation it’s good, but when I change the ticket type and close the ticket to come back later, it’s not showing anymore cause in the entity screen the default ticket type is not the same… Maybe it is possible to show all ticket type in the entity screen but I didn’t manage to do it.

Thank you.

A the moment you cannot move a ticket from one department to the other

Thank you for you answer.

But is it possible for one Entity Screens to show multiple open Ticket Type?
Cause for now, if I don’t close the ticket, it’s fine but if I close it, it disappear…
So, I have to create two entity screen to be able to see my two type of ticket.

Which Entity screen are you referring to? Which Widgets are on that screen? Are you referring to the Status (Color) of a Table?

You should be able to display multiple Ticket Types at the same time, but maybe not in the fashion you are looking for. Just as an example, the Tickets screen will display all Ticket Types. So will the Ticket Explorer Widget, or the Ticket Lister Widget.

It may be that the Entity screen, or the Entity States are not configured properly in order to show a Table as occupied by either Ticket Type.

What do you mean by “it disappear”? Do you mean you can’t find the Ticket? Or do you mean the Entity displays the wrong color?

Hi @QMcKay,

The Entity screen I speak about, is for example “Restaurant” that show “Tables” Entity, with Ticket Type configured as “Ticket”.
This screen show well the status (it become orange when a ticket is not close).

Now, if I don’t change the type of an open ticket, everything is fine(closing, reopening).
If I change the ticket type to “TakeAway” and close the ticket, the table still show that there is an open ticket in this Table, but if I click on this table, there is a new ticket of type “Ticket” that open and I can access the existing ticket only through the “Tickets” menu from the main menu or by creating another Entity screen that show “Tables” Entity but this time with Ticket Type configured as “TakeAway”.

I hope the explication is more clear.
Kind regards

Ok, that is more clear - I understand.

We can fix that with Automation. We need to update the Status State of the Table Entity when the Ticket Type is changed.

Try something like this:

This will change the state of the table, but the state is correct, the only thing, after I change the Ticket Type and close the ticket, not settle, the Table entity is keeping the opened ticket but not showing it.

If I add to the same table two more ticket of type “Ticket” I will have the list of open tickets hold by the table and in it I will see two ticket of type “Ticket” and one of type “TakeAway”.

But If I don’t add the two tickets I cannot see the “TakeAway” one.

If you still not understand, I will post a video.

Yes, I re-read and surmised the same thing…

You still won’t be removing the Entity assignment from the Ticket - you are simply changing the Table State. Thus, you will still not be able to find the Ticket in the Entity Screen.

Maybe place a Ticket Lister Widget on your Entity Screen with your Tables …

Can you please, explain me or give me the link of some tutorial about how to create this kind of widget?

I need those two ticket type for tax template purpose.
And I would like to be able to switch the ticket type from one to the other.

Maybe you have another proposition than using entity screen?

Your Entity Screen for Tables must be set to Custom:

Click the Select Table button, then Right-Click on an empty area of the screen and select Design Mode.

Now 2 ways to get your Tables to show up. Right-click again, select Add Widget, then …

  1. the fast/easy way is to add an Entity Grid:

  1. The slower, more customizable way is to add the tables 1 at a time as Entity Buttons:

Right-click on the Entity buttons and define its Settings:

When you’re finished adding/moving/resizing your tables…

Right-click, Add Widget, Ticket Lister

Set the Template in the same way that you would define a Kitchen Printer Template. Here is mine:

[<L00>NOTE: {NOTE}]
-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}
-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME}
-- Default format for orders
-- Nothing will print for void lines

These are the other settings for the Ticket List that I am using:

Notice the entry in Command Name Value is set to AU Display Ticket from Lister

Here are the Automation elements required to display the Ticket when you click on it in the Ticket Lister:

@QMcKay I’ve found how to add widget…

But my last question is still open :wink:

I thought you already found a way to switch the Ticket Type, and that was what was causing your display issues? Is this not the case?

Thank you for your widget explanation.

Yes I found the way two switch the ticket type.
But maybe you have another way to handle the screen problem…

But I will see what I can do with those widget.

Thank you again.

I would expect that if your Entity Screen Mapping is set to display all Ticket Types (*), then the Ticket Lister Widget would display all Ticket Types.

And if you need to clear the Orange Table when Ticket Type changes to Take Away, then you can use the Rule and Action I presented.

I guess I don’t understand what you last question/issue is?

P.S. I am actively updating my previous post above with more instructions on setting up the Ticket Lister… so look up :wink: :arrow_up:

I’ve implemented the widget.
It’s working quite well.
I’ve add one filter on the Ticket Lister, like this, when I have a “TakeAway” type it’s listed in the lister and when I have a “Ticket” type it’s on the entity grid…
I can switch between each type easly…

Thank you.

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