Moving tickets through workperiods - Report issues

Hi All,

Just to give you a brief of our setup and how we are using the POS software. We have customers who stay in hotel rooms and we use these rooms as Bar tabs which are paid off at the end of the customers stay.

the issue we are finding is when we carry their room through the workperiods the reports mess up. What happens is when the job is settled say 4 days later this total incoming goes back the the work period report from 4 days ago and not the day it was settled.

this is an issue as we need the income to display on the report for the day it was settled and not when the ticket was created 4 days ago.

Please can someone advise how we get around this.

thank you

Using preorder method like that is tricky on reports.
You would need to edit ticket dates.
Personally I would go with accounts over preorder, I did have a topic from a while back on how to achive this. Using accounts the sales are entered on day they are consumed and payment goes as an account payment on day paid. This is the correct way to handle this senario.
To go with this you need an account balance report with a BF CF balance for each period.

This is not a samba issue, it is using a feature in a waybit wasn’t intended.