Multiple actions on a rule

Hi all,
please let me know how i can replicate multiple actions on a single rule.I am unable to find this on the forum

Please only ask a question once!! Multiple posts of same question will not speed up getting an answer and just annoy people.

I already answered on the other one but when adding an action to a rule, right click on the left list of the popups ns select ‘Show All’ which will I hide actions already added to that rule allowing it to be added again.

hi JTR sorry for posting twice.Can you kindly show using screen shot.I have tried but i couldnt understand what you mean

The same place you add the actions to the rule…
You know when you click add actions on the rule page… A popup comes with two columns, left is actions and right is actions in the rule and you double click or select and click the arrow to add to the rule?
You right click on the left actions list and click the am show all option which insides the rules you already added to the rule.

Thanks a lot sir for your quick response,i now perfectly understand what you mean.I am trying to implement hotel room setup,the same way you have done and also just like what you achieved with davetrillo.i will let you know in case i am unable to understand the tutorials .

kind regards

Right-click in the Action List on the LEFT and select Display all Values, then scroll to the bottom of the list to see the action again. You can repeat this as many times as necessary.

thankyou sir ,its now working