Multiple Addresses and Primary Key

Hi All

Our customer’s place order from number of different
addresses (some up to 5 different addresses), Since I am using a Phone number
as a Primary Key, I have to edit customer every time they call from a different

Is there anyway I can change Primary Key to AutoGenrated
number and Save same phone number with different addresses, so when a customer
calls, all addresses associated with customer phone appears in list and we
confirm with customer and select one from list?

Thanks for help



You can refer to below discussion.

Hi Morshed

Thanks for reply, yes I have seen that post. Its just that our customer don’t have fix number of addresses (for e.g. max 3, some may order from 10 different places) also I don’t want to over populate screen with lots of addresses options, if I don’t find any other solution than yes I will follow same technique…