Multiple Customer Accounts

Hello Emre

I just thought I would document our previous discussions as a request as are we quietly (but keenly) waiting for a resolution:

You mentioned [quote=“emre, post:10, topic:3326”]
there are few other possible solutions such as sub accounts or tagging account transactions
I totally agree there probably needs to be a complete solution produced to allow Customers to have multiple wallets (Accounts) with running balances (credit or debit) - as all accounts need to have their individual rules, actions, triggers etc. I reviewed some of the Samba Card and Gift Card material on this site and seems there is a lot of similarities with a Customer having 2-3+ gift cards assigned to their account as a GC can be topped up, if that helps?

Anyway as long as Multiple Accounts make your RoadMap we will wait in anticipation. Feel free to ask me an many questions as you like on the operation of these accounts as well. Having multiple Accounts/Wallets to purchase goods at a venue funded from various sources certainly will enhance the customer experience and satisfaction.

MANY THANKS to the hard core crew who gracelessly contribute to this forum day after day - truly inspiring like Samba POS…

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