Multiple data sources in one report

Hey guys, I am trying to get a report that would combine different data types. I have a few different scenarios where this is handy, but here is a simple example.

For example, I have a report that shows user, their hours worked, and their declared tips and I have another report that shows user and total sales.

I have these two reports into one

Here is the reports

You want it in the exact place that you inserted in the pic? I do not think this is possible to nest a report tag into a column of a different report tag. I will look into it for you but likely we can not do that.

EDIT: I could not get it to work. Nesting report tags into report tags causes the parser to act strangely.

You could edit the task to store sales into a Task Field and reference that in your REPORT TASK DETAILS report. But this would probably eat storage just to show sales in a report. Although it would not be much.

Placement isn’t necessarily important.
I am not to clear on what SQL Reports can do, I see topics on them while I search. Would that be a more useful tool?

I do not think SQL will help you with this. It would be a very complex sql to get these results. The REPORT TASK DETAILS really simplifies whats required to get the report. You would also have to be running SQL Express 2016 or later as most of this data is JSON.

I will rephrase of course SQL can build this but I am not the one to help with it. This would be a very complex SQL. Maybe not for a SQL Pro but those are scarce around here since QMcKay is not around anymore.