Multiple devices on one messaging server?

Hi, I have two mobile devices and one POS messaging server. I have 1 POS v5 Pro and 2 mobile client licenses. However, I can only login to 1 device at a time. It said license exceeded 1/1. I have tried stop/start messaging service on the server, and clear key, but did not help.Can multiple devices login to the same messaging server? Or we need one messaging server for each device to connect?

First what version of sambapos and mobile client?

Multiple can login at same time. It’s based on users. If you have 2 licenses you can log into two devices. Once you logout properly it clears it. Users logged in will take a license until logged out properly

SambaPOS 5.5.0 and mobile client 2 on both devices.

Seems like the system only see I have 1 mobile client license. How can reset or fix it to make it see 2 as I purchased 2 licenses (screen shot from my account from the 1st post)

You should upgrade to mobile client 3. I am not sure if v2 is compatible with 5.50 but mc3 is.

@Jesse , I was trying to setup the V3, but V3 does not have all options we need (I have the post on here as well about setting different menus on mobile). This is not acceptable. How come SambaPOS software versions are not compatible as mobile client V2 is only 1 version older than the latest, and latest versions don’t have same features as the older versions? What version of SambaPOS should be compatible with mobile client V2 to allow multiple devices connection? Please advise.

We have solution to this issue?