Multiple foodtrucks

Hi. This my first post so hopefully i get it right.
We run a bistro with about 11 foodtrucks. We want to implement a solution where all foodtrucks use Samba. The foodtrucks are independent
A foodtruck should be able to take an order on behalf of any other foodtruck.
A customer can then order food from multiple foodtrucks and pay only one bill.
The order would then be printed at the relevant foodtrucks who would in turn deliver the order to the customers table.

At the end of the day a reconciliation report would be generated specifying which foodtruck purchased from which foodtruck and then a payment process would take place between the relevant food trucks. with maybe a small commission paid for taking the order.

Has this been done before , can anybody help us set this up. Thanks in advance and taking the time to read my query
Regards Garth

That would essentially be the same thing as a multi branch or chain setup. We currently do not support this. It is being developed.

Right now each food truck would need it’s own sambapos license and there is not a way to link them. We will have a solution soon maybe by middle of this year.

However what you are asking for is very unique. We can discuss how this should work. Right now we do not have a way to support that.

Thanks Jesse
Is there a way we can create a menu for each food truck. All the foodtrucks could be on the same samba pos. The waiter could then choose the relevant menu for the order. The way i understand it is that Samba can support multiple menus. It would then be case of designing the reconciliation report.

Are the foodtrucks physically near each other? If so then yes you could use the same SambaPOS across them all and connect by wifi (you would need to designate a server system to store the main database).

You can create multiple menus, this is not a problem.

The biggest issue is the reconciliation report and handling the payments transfer between each foodtruck. That is going to be pretty complex, probably not impossible thouhg.

Just to be clear though, the waiter will need to use a device running the full SambaPOS software (POS terminal or Windows tablet). The Android mobile client (for waiter ordering from an Android device) does not currently support multiple menus.

The primary thing to understand is are each food truck an independent business. If so they would each need to pay for a sambapos license.

The foodtrucks are close together and can easily be joined together by a wireless network.
The food trucks i would assume would have to be on the same Samba point of sale. They are how ever independent and after talking to them today , they have no problem purchasing licenses.

The question is how to do the reconciliation. I could use a report writer like crystal reports or SQL reporting services. How easy is it to get to the data?
Thanks in advance

Data direct from sql is split according several tables.
Samba have inbuilt report code system so you can write your own reports but direct sql is obviously an option.
Your issue is if they are seperate businesses in theory they would require a licence each but to run as a single system as you describe seperate DB wouldnt work and would mean much duplication for menu updates etc.
Perhaps you could negotiate a deal with samba for extended licence terms for your use case I dont know.

What he wants to do is not supported yet. We are working on that feature.